1. David Briggs

    I’ve been working with Gutenberg since it was released, and it’s been fun to try new things with. The blocks make me more aware of my image alts, and links. I’ve also been able to expand what I thought my technical limitations were. Embeds are still a little wonky for me, but it may be more about me being used to doing it differently.

    Overall, it’s a fun editor to work with.


  2. Joe Dolson

    While there has been some good progress on Gutenberg accessibility, it’s not a very accurate portrayal of the progress to say that 54 of the GitHub issues have been closed; many of those were closed in order to move them to the WordPress Core trac, as they related to the Media Library, rather than to Gutenberg.

    The actual resolved problems are considerably fewer than 54. Closed issues do not necessarily mean resolved problems.


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