1. jamie
    · Reply

    Hi Justin,

    There’s a ticket here where this is being discussed.


    Seems very odd that the most powerful thing about FSE has been removed.

    Hopefully, it’s temporary.



  2. Stephen Vaughan
    · Reply

    As you say Justin, it’s good that you are accustomed to where everything is in FSE, but that just suugests that it really isn’t intuitive enough to users fresh to the experience.

    I’ve returned regularly to Gutenberg on each release and trying to exit the theme editor is as confusing as I don’t know what? So far the only avenue is the back arrow 🔙 at the top of the templates list on the left: back, back, back till you teach the dashboard. Unless I’m missing something it all seems like a time wasting exercise.

    I have been using the block editor in part, for post content, and for this task it is a brilliant replacement to the classic editor but, for everything thing else, relating to design and layout, I reach for my favourite page builder. I am agnostic about these builders, there are several good ones for people to chose from and there are some good block solutions too, if you are using something like Toolset. And, despite all that is being said, builders are keeping space of what is happening and are still ahead enough for people to use them… and this is the big mistake with the Gutenberg project, thinking it can blow everything else out of the water and create a unified system where fragmentation won’t happen anymore.

    The big mistake here was not setting a restricted set of blocks for layout and elements., allowing only these to be overridden by third party plugins and page builders, Turn off any of these or switch to another and at least the general content would remain intact. As it is, we now have a smorgasbord of block suites all reinventing the wheel and none of the them interoperable.


  3. Tinjure20
    · Reply

    As a DYI WordPress user, I have build my own custom themes for my personal sites. I shared my these suggestions at GitHub to mitigate any concerns that users messing up with FSE template editing features.


  4. ripul
    · Reply

    Navigation block is something I look forward to. As a theme developer, I have stopped creating themes for sometime till I get the WP 5.9 ( Very excited ! ) The classic editor needs to go away asap from WP otherwise there will always be the discussion Page builder vs Gutenberg. People want to remain in a comfortable spot and that prohibits all innovation.


    • Ariel
      · Reply

      Discussion is core of democracy.

      Comfortable spots are felt as comfortable because other spots are not comfortable. Instead of complaining, make the other spots more comfortable, then people will chose your new spot.

      Democratize Publishing.


  5. Steve Grant
    · Reply

    When people ask “why are developers reticent to develop for modern WP” its due to this sort of weird shifting foundation. We are asked to build on a platform which has a cycle of inclusion and deprecation which is baffling.

    In the same release (Gutenberg 11.9) the core palette colours can no longer be removed. It’s marked as a bug but it was done intentionally. So a whole team decided to move forward with a nice new shiny feature that happens to cripple every site with a branded theme.

    It seems that every dev is so focused on their own tiny section of Gutenberg Development that we are seeing major deprecations for features which were only included months ago.

    A lot of the current Gutenberg work is in the theme.json sphere, but nobody seems to consider that it is completely unstable. As in: nobody sensible is building on this shifting foundation. Anyone who built a site for FSE in 5.9 is right now punching their desk. Anyone with sense is waiting a year to see what lasts these waves of inclusion/removal

    99.9% of sites which update to WP5.9 are going to be running PHP themes. JS devs in their ivory towers blithely erasing and re-doing each others work – as we in the real world of branded client sites look on in confusion and horror.

    What exactly are we meant to spec for, or on.
    What is the platform this week?


  6. Nick
    · Reply

    When it comes to the Navigation Block the new feature and philosophy behind it is heading in the right direction. But I just discovered that the layout functionality has been changed. Used to add a .is-vertical class to the navigation. This has become problematic for our theme since we offer two different styles for vertical and horizontal layouts.


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