1. Peter Shaw
    · Reply

    Why is the Gutenberg team spending time adding features that many people don’t want?

    Gutenberg should follow the normal WordPress approach of having a minimal product and a robust set of apis so developers can add the features they want.

    Right now we are already at the point where myself and many others need plugins to disable the features that Gutenberg keeps adding


  2. Paul
    · Reply

    It’s definitely getting there!

    So excited about the future of WordPress and FSE.


  3. martin
    · Reply

    Yea – i can second Pauls statement. It’s definitely getting there!

    I am overwhelmed and really love the sustainable development.

    I am very excited about the future of WordPress and FSE.

    Keep up this awesome & outstanding project – it rocks


  4. Marco
    · Reply

    I am still running into an error when trying to adjust the typography at the root level. This was an issue I first noticed with Gutenberg 11.6.

    Could you please open an issue by visiting https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/new/choose and tagging me in it (@ciampo) with details on how to reproduce this issue? (e.g. what theme, etc)

    Thank you!


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