1. Benjamin Hansen

    first actually not being evil thing i’ve seen from them in some time… love it! 🙂


    • Jeff Safire

      Well, it all sounds good on the surface, but let’s not jump to the friendly “We’re doing it for users” just yet. I will have a pretty hard time accepting this as a good thing, as losing Reader was a huge loss for me.


  2. Serge

    Hum, monetization? Why do I have the feeling this will get rid of inline ads other than AdSense?


  3. Sally G

    I have no trust or interest in anything Google; they abandoned “Don’t be evil” at least a decade ago.


  4. Michael Beckwith

    Sorry Google, you’re not somehow bringing me to chrome, and you can’t have my beer


  5. Information Scientist

    As a developer who tried to put together a portal that was a user friendly UI for RSS feed reading and being slapped by Google as a copyright infringer, I can tell you first hand that Google has zero interest in creating a user friendly RSS reader platform.

    What I had to go through to learn and build the reader and the cost I incurred both in development cost and bandwidth as well as security and maintenance and the literally thousands of hours of personal time invested in it without compensation is all lost now as I had to delete the entire instance due to fear of getting sued.

    Information is no longer free. It and all means to disseminate it are completely owned with no hope of ever freeing it again.


  6. Noogle Poogle

    Ten bucks says this is dead by 2023.


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