1. Larry Kagan

    “Firebug was the first browser-based tool that allowed developers to easily inspect HTML and debug JS.”

    Firebug was undoubtedly a great tool. But if memory serves, Venkman predates Firebug and set the standard for modern front-end debugging.


  2. Richard

    RIP Firebug! Without you many would have not been able to do development work fast. For some it made learning CSS/HTML so much easier.


  3. Chuck

    I’m pouring a little of my liquor out on the ground, for firebug. Rest easy my brother.


  4. Sarah

    Ah I remember studying CSS with my massive book and plugging code into Dreamweaver back in the day. Firebug really helped speed up the learning process. Firefox Dev tools isn’t bad and is worth a look for those looking for alternatives. Much faster too as Firebug has grown to be pretty sluggish in these final years.


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