1. Deepak

    I am still not understanding why not wordpress itself inbuilt a visual or page builder in its main cms?
    Isn’t it making accessible from WordPress dashboy itself is a cool thing.


  2. H. Wrobel

    Not Ideal for Blogging

    Well, it clearly states in description and screenshot that it is a theme for rich websites and e.g. small business consultants. There is no mention of blogging at all in screenshot.

    It seems to be a misconception that WordPress would be mainly only a blogging platform, especially within Gutenberg developer chitchat often things like “writing flow” or other blogging related issues are discussed as most important things, while they are not really important in real world usage of WordPress as CMS which is used there to build mostly static websites. That’s an often forgotten fact, sorry to say.


    • Justin Tadlock

      If you read deeper into the section that you quoted the heading of, the article describes that the theme does not claim to be geared toward blogging. Having this noted is important to our readers, many of whom do look for blogging-focused themes.

      Descriptions also often do not cover a theme’s full potential, and theme screenshots are one part of one page of a full theme. Neither usually tell anyone everything they need to know about a theme. That’s where reviews, like this one, come in handy for users who may be interested in a particular theme.


  3. Sajan Kota

    Hi Justin,

    Nice review. Go WordPress theme looks really cool and feature rich. Theme looks to a prefect choice for build small business free website. Compatibility with CoBlocks plugin is an added advantage. as the plugin offers so many blocks. I feel that with few tweaks and design changes this theme can definitely be used for blogging also. WordPress by default offers everything that i need for blogging. Expecting a free WordPress theme to fit into your design goals is little unfair.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Expecting a free WordPress theme to fit into your design goals is little unfair.

      To be clear, I do not expect any theme, free or commercial, to fit into my design goals. However, I will let our readers know my opinion on this feature that the theme supports and whether it may be ideal for their site goals.

      As for this part of the review being unfair, I encourage you to read this post on how I handle reviews: Product Reviews in the WordPress Ecosystem: Honesty and Genuine Experiences. I hope it provides additional insight into the process.


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