1. Lee

    Are there any other developers out there concerned about all of these GoDaddy acquisitions? I’m happy for the SkyVerge team, and others that have been acquired, but I’m trying really hard and just can’t see how this is good for the developer ecosystem…


  2. David Grant

    I wonder, what’s with this trend of hosting companies buying up WP plugins? This year alone, InMotion bought Sprout Invoices, LiquidWeb bought Restrict Content Pro, and now GoDaddy buys SkyVerge…


    • Edidiong Ekpo

      They buy it because there is a big shot in it. They will make more money and also innovate the system to help people. The sole aim of every company is revenue generation so they can’t be wrong bro.


    • John Kirkham

      They all offer managed WP/WC hosting. If they can throw in free access to a few key plugins it gives them an edge, especially if they can stop competitors offering the same free access to the plugins they control.


  3. Stef

    I’m happy for the team at SkyVerge. I have some really good friends that work there. Having consulted GoDaddy since day one and the group running the show now I’m not a fan of this buy.

    As for a company, GD lacks any type of customer service skills. They’re not the powerhouse they once were and their servers are outdated.


  4. Edidiong Ekpo

    I have always known GoDaddy ro be on the right track. This is incredible for me and a lot of things will get improved.

    Congratulations 🎉 👏 Godaddy.


  5. Bastian

    Sadly, like many IT startups, it seems that, right now, the only goal of many plugin developers is to be ultimately bought by a big company. In the case of WP is either GoDaddy, Automattic, WP Engine or Syed Balkhi.


  6. Eamc

    Thats a mind blowing news but godaddy is already big and my experience with their support isnt good. I hope this be a positive sign.


  7. Kings Amalaego

    That was a great move from Godaddy, with this acquisition they will be able to generate more revenues because controlling some of this plugin competitor offer free of cost will mean more sales for them. If you pay a few bucks for a plugin every month or annually, and then Godaddy offers the plugin for free with a condition that your website must be hosted with them, i bet you’d want to go with that? Smart move for Godaddy though.


  8. Rouf Abdur

    Great move by Godaddy. Hope they improve more


  9. Chris

    Not particularly related to the sale, but I only recently learned who they are because I a “SkyVerge” top-level admin navigation link showed up in my admin. Apparently it’s because I use the WooCommerce Memberships plugin. I’d love to be able to remove that as it really doesn’t do anything useful at all. I was nervous it was nefarious at first.


    • Marcus Burnette

      Hey Chris,

      Looks like the SkyVerge dashboard link (partially) did exactly what it was supposed to do for us (raise awareness of the brand/name), even if it didn’t quite land as well as it could have.

      A couple bits of good news for you here, though. At launch, we provided code snippets that would either move the link under the WooCommerce navigation or remove it entirely. We’ve also heard what you and others have shared about the dashboard and are currently in the process of removing it from our plugins in their next updates (Memberships just updated today!) – in favor of a free standalone plugin to add it back if you’d like. The idea behind the dashboard was to provide our merchants with a way to stay updated on the plugins they pay for and have direct access to our support team!

      So sorry to make you feel like we hi-jacked your navigation! Hopefully, the next round of updates will help everything feel a bit better again :)

      Marcus Burnette
      Customer Support Specialist at SkyVerge


  10. Robert

    Excellent move by GoDaddy! GoDaddy is committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed online with high-performance WooCommerce stores that are feature-filled and quick to build.


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