1. Per Søderlind

    Excellent, just downgraded to free :)


  2. Brian Layman

    It also removes a major reason why people use BitBucket instead of GitHub. I probably wouldn’t ever had created a BitBucket account if GitHub had allowed free private repos.

    It also allow GitHub to be more easily used for small projects that are non-GPL. People may have been reluctant to use GitHub for a not yet profitable, non-OpenSource project.


  3. Mike Schinkel

    Well that puts the nail in BitBucket’s coffin. (Not literally, why use BitBucket if private repos are free on GitHub?) We’ll be moving all our BitBucket repos over to Github now.


  4. Anh Tran

    Great news! Private repos is the reason I chose Bitbucket. This removes the biggest benefit from Bitbucket (although Bitbucket is free for 5 users instead of 3).


  5. Daniel James

    This is great news and I really hope more WordPress projects will adopt GitHub and use that as a base for repos. GitLab and BitBucket are nice, but GitHub has definitely been built with a social mindset. It makes it much easier to collaborate.


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