1. Kimb

    I wouldn’t say ‘giant’ – how do we know what size a real Wappu is? They could be similar to the Giant Sloths of a few thousand years ago.


  2. John Parkinson

    hmmmm what about a GoFundMe campaign for first class seats?


  3. Luke Pettway

    I really missed out. This will make me think twice about not attending a WordCamp.


  4. Tim Nash

    Just a small note I’m the Platform Lead for 34SP.com WordPress Platform and was Brought in to help build the platform 6 months ago which we just released.

    34SP.com was founded 16 years ago by Dan Foster and Stuart Melling.


  5. Jeffrey

    Considering the size of airline seats, don’t expect to see giant Wapuu at WordPress events in the US anytime soon.

    Could it be possible to have a US version of Wapuu?


  6. herb miller

    I think everyone enjoyed seeing Wapuu. But what was even better was the live captioning of every session… including the final session, where they managed to keep up with Jenny. I’ve no idea how many WPM Jenny reaches but they kept up admirably.


  7. Jason King

    Spoiler alert next time please!

    Although it looks like a stuffed animal, it’s actually a suit with someone inside.


  8. Andi Wilkinson

    Love seeing my Manchester Wapuu travelling around! ❤️


  9. Tada Burke

    Wapuu? More like WOAHpuu! #GameChanger *poke*


  10. Michael

    To be honest, I’m a little terrified of the Giant Wapuu. :p


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