1. Pousada Nerd

    I’m afraid to upgrade to the same degree I’m excited. While I think my plugins will work well, my theme is a bit outdated but it’s so fast and clean that I don’t want to change.

    Not updating for a long time can cause security issues?

    Maybe I’ll wait until things are settled and try the update.

    Hope everything works fine and we get better performance with this new version. Thank you for the great and informative article.

    See ya
    Marcos Mariano


    • Francois

      Yes, not updating WordPress is a security issue, not updating PHP is another thing. Next WordPress versions will stay compliant with PHP 7 for a while. So you can stay as safe as possible with php7. Plugins and themes developers will have plenty if time to update their products before PHP8 became the minimal requierment. Be careful with your themes deprecations, it become dangerous with the time..


  2. Monty Mezzi

    I am often obsessive to the point of being reckless when it comes to keeping software up-to-date. However, I’ll hold off on upgrading to PHP8 for at least six months considering that WordPress sites won’t really see a massive speed boost by upgrading from 7.4.x to 8.


  3. Dietrich

    I just recently upgraded to 7.4 and now there’s 8.0 already?

    I just can’t seem to keep up with all the major upgrades happening recently.


  4. Andrei WPtavern

    A smart movement will be to upgrade at the begin of the next year ( Jan, Feb, etc ). Personally, I never update my sites or my client(s) sites with betas, until everything is stable. Ofc, I’ll do an install to see the features and see if there is any problem ( I can find ).


  5. Morgan

    We are happy if php 8 bring lot of performance improvement. It would help me who run small business using WordPress WooCommerce on shared hosting. And next year would be the big challenge when google will implementing web vitals. Hope the compatibility theme and plugin and of course hosting company with php 8 would be ready as soon as posible.


  6. Michael Sumner

    Speed wise what are the benefits of moving to PHP 8?


    • Ciprian Popescu

      Without having run any benchmarks yet, I’d say RAM/memory consumption. Depending on your usage, you might see an improvement.

      For example, for one of my SaaS’s, I’m running arount 10 nightly CRON jobs, very memory intensive (and slow, as they use cURL). I’m fine with it because it runs at night. I know that, by using PHP 8’s JIT, I would definitely see an up to 20% RAM consumption decrease, which is really good.

      Coupling this with a few more updates I’m planning, such as Apache 2.4 and full HTTP/2 cURL, I expect my 10 CRON jobs to be ready in half the time (which is around 10 minutes right now).


  7. Atul Host

    Thanks for the read, I was just checking out PHP8 with the current version of WordPress 5.5.3. The backend worked, although there were several issues with themes and plugins. Some hosting companies already offering PHP8, but WordPress is still not ready for that. So do not upgrade quickly even after WordPress releases 5.6.


  8. Erika

    Your link for “Migrating from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.0” is currently linking to the WP Make link. I think you meant to link to this: php.net/manual/en/migration80.php


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