1. Michael Edwin

    Funny, I replied in the “WP Engine Launches Genesis Pro Add-On for Customers, More Features in the Works ” article back in May 2020. It took them a full year but I’m glad they finally followed my advice, to quote:

    “If Genesis Pro was included with the Pro Plus All-Theme Package, it would have made it much more attractive to new customers and encouraged current customers to stick with Genesis.”

    Best of luck, guys. Glad you came around.


  2. Victor Kane

    But the wall is still there: Genesis Blocks requires a Genesis Pro account. That’s the wall. Tear down the wall!


    • Justin Tadlock

      Genesis Blocks itself is free. They have a “pro” upgrade that is a separate product.

      Also, remember that WordPress companies are under no obligation to give everything away at no charge. They have to feed, clothe, and shelter their families.


      • Victor Kane

        First of all, thanks for the article. I am well aware that there is a free version, I have used it and the free subset of Genesis custom blocks also. The question is that there is no separate paid version of Genesis “Pro” Blocks (which is absolutely necessary for query type post and cpt listings), it is all part of the complete “Genesis Pro”, which costs a fortune. It’s prohibitive in price, while the free version of both plugins are useless for anything but trivial sites.


    • Bianca

      This is simply not true.
      Genesis Blocks works with all WordPress themes that support Gutenberg. Like Justin says, Genesis Blocks is freely available on .org and there’s no account or signing up needed. Genesis Pro is the paid upgrade.


    • Eko Hermiyanto

      Genesis Blocks, if I am not mistaken, both of the basic (gratis) and the pro (paid) versions are all available under GPL license. Thus, the developers have kindly given you the right to copy, share, modify and even resell the code.

      Feel free to get the copy of the code from somewhere else which provide the code for gratis.


  3. Aliv Faizal Muhammad

    Let’s wait for the best community supported free theme that works well with all third parties, not a left over nor another upsell.


  4. Steve Weber

    This is good news and it’s in the spirit of the Pro-Plus theme package I purchased 8 yrs ago. I thought the Pro Add-On was a great idea a year ago … I’m glad I waited for it to be FREE and included in my original purchase. Bravo WP Engine!


  5. Aryan Chaurasia

    Can I access the documentation of Genesis Framework after June 8th for free?


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