1. Miranda Nova

    Woah! This is really great. I’ve been using Gatsby from past year. I knew they were onto something big. They must have some good revenue metrics to have scored this good amount of investment. It’s a matter of time I think that they’d own a big chunk of this industry for wordpress devs..


  2. Pete

    its Great that someone got a pay day, but in all likelihood that is 15 million that will be flushed down the toilet by the investors on dead end tech.


    • Scott Hartley

      Welcome to silicon valley


    • Salman

      How is it dead end tech? The core software will still remain open-source and free.

      They’re raising money for the company providing services for it. No one has to use their services if they don’t want to. They can just read the documentation. And if they think they can do better, they can fork it and be on their way.


  3. Joe

    WordPress is not successful because its inner workings are best of breed. It’s because of Themes, Plugins, Cheap Hosting and the ability to easily edit content on the web and see changes immediately.
    Whatever efford Gatsby Inc. puts into streamlining the product, it does not improve any of these.
    It is and always will be a niche product.
    Nonetheless nice that they improve WP Graph QL.


  4. Anh Tran

    Gatsby and GraphQL will brings WordPress to another level and makes it acts like a back-end editor.

    The whole front end now will be handled by Gatsby (or any front-end technology). And at some point, it affects how we make themes, especially with Gutenberg.


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