1. Steffen Bang Nielsen

    OMG – it’s the Fields API, isn’t it?


  2. Синиша

    Ah, someone finally looked at the MS Visual Studio and their components for creating forms and pretty much anything else. :-)


    • MG

      What are you talking about?


      • Синиша

        Talking about how those elements are available in Microsoft Visual Studio so you can just drag and drop them where you need them.

        “Why rethink, rebuild, and enhance Inputs, Buttons, Modals, Dropdowns, and others?” countered Quach in response. “So that you the developer don’t have to.”
        ““The new Component System will definitely help in the UI department,” said Quach.”

        Anyone who’s ever used Visual Studio knows what I’m talking about.


        • stefanos82

          That’s exactly what I thought haha :-), Rapid Application Development (RAD), much like Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual Studio Components, wxWidgets GUI library, anything that relates to GUI builder is exactly this!


  3. Tomas M.

    Great to see accessibility getting 1st class treatment! Better later than never, right? ;)


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