1. Abokado

    This article is way too biased. There’s also an opposition to cancel culture within the free & open software community, which have to date collected more signatures from individuals. Several GNU maintainers, the Libreboot maintainer (who is trans btw and explains on her website why rms isn’t transphobic), one of the founders of the Open Source Initiative and many more have signed it. The FSF may have lost big tech / corporate support over this, but they sure have gained the trust of the community back.


  2. Louis

    “The high standards for welcoming behavior are held across the board. WordPress contributors lead with accountability, acknowledgment of error, and a genuine desire to grow based on feedback. Under the guidance of many thoughtful leaders, WordPress makes space for those who are committed to growth.” Politics, posturing and not entirely true.


  3. Isabel

    Here is a link to what Stallman said that caused people to accuse him of abusive speech. This ganging up on someone and taking them out of context is getting old.


  4. Tom J Nowell

    I’m glad to see a member of senior leadership in the project taking a stand. RMS has done awful things, and should not hold a position of authority at the FSF.

    I hope in the coming days the WP Foundation can make a more direct statement


  5. Ryan

    Big corporations trying to destroy the free software movement. What’s new?

    The community is behind Dr. Stallman on this issue!

    Open Source/Free Software is about freedom, not protecting people’s feelings. Dr. Stallman is best suited to take on that role.


  6. Matt

    I have to agree with a few others here, this reporting is biased as many other media outlets. they fail to even report there is a letter supporting Stallman alsmost doubles the signatories of the hate letter.
    its absolutely atrocious.


    Leaders joining the campaign to end Stallman are only causing division in their own communities and clearly are hypocrites when talking about leadership.


  7. Frankie

    Stallman is not the subject of hate, merely of the consequences of his behavior. He no longer represents a suitable vision for the future of the free software, and as such is not fit for a leadership position. It’s bigger than him, simple as that.


  8. Ryan Hellyer

    Even if all accusations were false, I would still find it odd that they would choose him as their leader. I wouldn’t normally expect such a polarising person to be chosen for a position like that. It doesn’t seem very productive to me.


    • David L. Willson

      We “chose” him because he, more than anyone else, built copyleft. He also wrote the FSD, the Manifesto, and the GPL.

      He hasn’t done “horrible things”. He’s only done some awkward things and many awesome things.

      Folks need to get the facts and read RMS in context. This mob is a bull in a china shop, destroying what was beautiful.


    • holmegm

      So even if he’s not guilty, he’s still guilty? That makes no sense. And this is about removing him (or keeping him removed), not “choosing” him. He was already the giant figure in the free software movement; this is about some people just complaining that he didn’t stay canceled.

      rms has always been “polarizing” because he is so strident about free software and copyleft. That has earned him many enemies, like people (cough, Redhat, cough) who really wish they could just slip a little un-freeness in there, after they have used the free software as a staring point, of course.

      Of course we could have all sort of fun exploring the psychology of the lynch mob who just goes along for the ride, but I’ll leave that for others.


  9. robert wydler haduch

    Seems to me an abuse of power. RMS using his credentials as a renowned academic and etc. to foist his entirely personal opinions on a community that is not designed to deal with these issues. If he is so obsessed with the likes of Epstein, child sex and other abnormal human behaviours he should address them on a proper forum. IMO FSB is not that forum. Of course in the real world, he would have been tared and feathered long ago.

    Ryan Hellyer says it very well.


  10. Yours Truly

    As a non-american and non-western libre software enthusiast and supporter, I see things from a rather different point of view. First and foremost, I can not empathise with the cancel culture. Not only it sounds too american and political, but it reminds me more of divisions and mob attacks. Moreover, I value less and less corporate supported moves. Not that this letter is corporate supported, but all those corpo signatures, if anything, reduce the credibility of the letter. On the other hand, the letter in support of Stallman, doesn’t carry much or any corpo signatories, which is IMHO its strength.
    Now we have a huge division, RMS critics would blame it on FSF, and RMS supportes would blame it on the other side. This is toxic and distructive, no matter which side wins.


  11. robert wydler haduch

    It really all boils down to one thing. Based on his own comments regarding pedophilia, children, J. Epstein etc,. …

    Would you hire this person to babysit your children?
    Would you send your children to a summer-camp where this man was employed?

    That’s it. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.


    • David L. Willson

      Why does it boil down to that one thing? How is that even relevant? Does the FSF offer babysitting or summer camp? Is someone suggesting that they should or might?

      Having read them in full context, RMS’ opinions are often weird but always reasonable. Also, he has shown that he’s willing to take correction. At one time, as you probably know, he didn’t know what was wrong with consensual pedophilia. That’s weird, but it kinda makes sense, considering his disability. A friend gave him feedback and he publicly corrected himself. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone did that?

      These irrelevant issues are the “smoke and mirrors”. All RMS wants to do is define, defend, and promote software freedom. He has done great work on that, for which we should be grateful. His lack of social grace is irrelevant.


    • Louis

      I wasn’t aware he did babysitting or is employed at any summer-camp. Who could enlighten as to when and where these things have been reported?

      Throwing anything and everything in the air to stir people up is worse than the topic. Pure imagination on the part of the person supposing such scenarios. What else is lurking in that grey matter?


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