1. M

    I think F.S.E. should come, not in 5.8 or 5.9, but in WordPress 6.0.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Is there a particular reason? Or, just because “6.0” makes for a nice, round launch number?

      The 5.8 launch would be a public beta and only available to users who explicitly use a block-based theme.


  2. M

    Because the goal of a beta should be to discover new or hidden issues not to ship known ones to millions of users all over the world.

    I think it’s still not good enough. And while WP doesn’t use semantic versioning, I think that for a big change like this one, it could wait one more version to iron out the glaring issues and make sure the general userbase gets a smooth experience.

    Even in marketing compaigns, it would be easier to “sell” a WordPress 6.0 than a WordPress 5.8 or 5.9, so yes, “6.0” also makes for a nice, round launch number.

    On the other hand, selling and buying into a beta is a big no, no. Casual users wouldn’t want the hassle and professional users would hate the repercussions. Forcing it on all of them only reinforces what the closed hosted competeing platforms were talking about in their marketing campaigns (one of which the Tavern was talking about a week ago).


  3. Anne McCarthy

    Justin! Thanks for going on yet another Query Quest despite going on so many already. It’s always neat to see how you put your own spin on the calls for testing. I love what you ended up with.

    The two primary issues I ran into were with the “read more” link and spacing.

    I’m honestly surprised I didn’t run into the Read More link issue while testing but I kept changing the text! If you change the text, the link does appear which tells me that the “Read more…” is likely a very unclear placeholder. In any case, this was discovered by someone else previously and I added your feedback along with my observations to the issue:


    As for the general spacing feedback, I very much agree. This continues to come up repeatedly in testing. I expect to see continued iterations to improve consistency here along with solutions like a Browse Mode or Preview option to help limit any necessary context switching.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Editing the read more text definitely works. I didn’t even know you could change it. I probably assumed you couldn’t because the cursor is a pointer when hovering/clicking it. It’s definitely not clear that it’s a placeholder. For consistency with traditional more-links, I would make “Read more…” the default text and not just a placeholder. Users could still delete it if they didn’t want it to appear.


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