1. Damon Cook

    The Site Logo block bug is a regression and Issue has been recorded: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/32171

    I hit this same bug today.

    Great write up and thanks for additional testing!


  2. Anne McCarthy

    Justin! This is becoming a fun ritual with you. I owe you a drink of choice when we’re finally able to meetup one day. Thanks for the patience while I caught up here. I was away from work for a few days and wanted to have real bandwidth to properly respond here.

    Anyone is welcome to grab the HTML block code for this template. I saved it as a GitHub Gist. The image URLs are to my local machine, so you will need to update those if you decide to give it a spin.

    Love this. Thank you for going the extra step to share with others.

    I was able to inconsistently reproduce this issue in template-editing mode.

    I tried really hard to reproduce this and couldn’t. I’ll keep this in mind though in case this shows up in other people’s feedback as sometimes some sneaky patterns can occur.

    I was unable to use the Site Logo block. Whenever I attempted to add it, it had a continual spinner icon that never went away.

    As mentioned above, this is a known issue that, thankfully, already has a fix in place. I forgot just how annoying random spinners are to run into until I reported that bug :D

    Most of its nested blocks are for post-related data, and the weakest among them is Post Featured Image.

    Agreed completely. Right now, I’m keeping an eye on two issues related to this as I’m keen to see improvements here, especially as someone who LOVES images: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/27620 & https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/31849 I think it’ll be a game changer if that block can be leveled up sooner rather than later.

    Today, we are limited to the basics without any themes offering highly customized Query patterns.

    Enter commentary around how excited I am about the pattern directory (I know you are too). But, seriously, this is going to be a game changer.

    Liberal use of the Spacer block is not ideal in real-world projects to align blocks.

    Agreed. I think figuring out the right balance between spacer blocks + design tools is going to be tricky indeed.

    It relies almost exclusively on the core block styles without swerving left or right when it needs to.

    This is intentional in order to actually find gaps in Core functionality! The theme itself is almost a dedicated effort to find all the gaps/flaws/etc in order to help level up what Core offers and to allow other themes coming up behind TT1 Blocks to do the swerving. I share this just for context not to #annesplain :). I had similar frustrations before having that explained to me.

    However, most users are not going to micromanage every pixel of every page on their sites. The same can be said for the margin controls when they become available. Again, both are useful and necessary tools, but users should not lean on them too heavily to correct design issues. In the long run, it will create more problems as site owners eventually swap themes.

    Great point. I think this is where patterns designed for specific themes too can play a role in not needing to hyper micromanage every pixel of pages. Tucking this away as it seems very important to keep in mind as we should guide users to make solid decisions by using the right tools when possible.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Someone asked on another post about sharing a demo of block stuff. Since we don’t have a demo site set up for things like that at the Tavern, I figured the best way for others to test things is to just give them the block markup. Hence, the idea of using Gist.

      As for the Columns inside Cover error, I haven’t had a problem since. I do get the “encountered an error” issue from time to time, but I’m often doing a lot of different complex copying, deleting, and mixing things at the time. Then, I might repeat the process with no issue.

      Thanks for the featured-image tickets. I was already subscribed to the first but hadn’t read the automation one. I’ve used a PHP script that handled that for about the past decade when themes were only PHP, so it would definitely be welcome now that featured images are blocks.


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