1. Igor

    I am using Freemius on my giveaway plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/giveasap/

    For the last 2 weeks of data, people who deactivated it expected it to work differently or do not need it any longer. Other data that I have seen that people do still use WordPress 4.4 and 4.5 so when working on new updates I don’t use the latest features such as REST so that everything works ok.

    Another thing I have noticed is that people are using PHP 5.5 still and the most used is 5.6.

    I am considering getting the Freemius plan upgraded, but for now, until I am fully happy with the plugin’s revenue, I’ll be still on the free plan. Would love to see the pricing but I guess they are really flexible on that so I will have to contact them directly:)

    Great product!


  2. James

    Also using Freemius on my new Project Management plugin: NEXUS.

    It’s quite interesting to actually see the data for people installing your plugin.

    Haven’t had any uninstalls, nor been contacted as of yet, but I do love the added layer of communication the plugin adds between you and your users.

    As Igor is doing, I’m currently on the free plan, but would probably consider getting the basic plan in future.


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