1. Ricardo

    I know this is Outreach Program material but couldn’t help it..

    Maybe a color frame in template mode &/or open in new tab to edit it.
    And a Save As Template red button with the warning “Changes made here affect all posts and pages that use the template.”
    Or a fixed small colorful tab on the page with the name of the template
    “TEMPLATE: Template-Name”.


  2. Aliv Faizal Muhammad

    I use WordPress in two ways, as A developer and as A normal blogger.

    As A developer, who use WordPress to create specific website with many and complex functionalities, I prefer easy access to FSE, which is accessible from any single post editor rather than on seperated menu like that of Elementor. I need to be able to save the current edit mode to affect the current single post, or as a template to the whole single post, or reusable template.

    However, as a normal blogger who just need to write content, who don’t know anything technical about templating, I prefer that this FSE editor far or hidden from my sight because if I spot that, I will try to click that, and get confused.


  3. Anne McCarthy

    Ricardo! I help run the FSE Outreach program. If you aren’t already in there, I hope you join in. Here’s more information just in case:


    I’m @annezazu on WordPress.org slack so feel free to reach out there too. For now though, I’d recommend checking out this GitHub issue that touches on some of what you’re thinking of:



    • Ricardo

      Hi Anne
      Thanks for the feedback!
      I’ve tried before to give some feedback on the appropriate channels but it’s so overwhelming, I realized I was spending more time where to do it than helping.
      Thanks for filtering it out.
      I will leave some thoughts there.
      (this is what are Taverns for :)


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