1. Dimiter Kirov

    Thank You,Ms Gooding! Definitely another hit by WP Tavern! Really needed something similar.


  2. Jason

    Great concept!

    This kind of tool is very much needed. Would be good to see as a CLI tool as well.

    Before using on larger sites, definitely be aware of the unbound request this is making here: https://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/browser/find-my-blocks/trunk/inc/register-route.php#L64

    This can have serious impact on larger sites, as it’s querying every single post in your site to create the response. This can be very slow and can even take sites down completely.

    Looking forward to see how this improves as I think this can be helpful for a lot of people!


  3. Hugh Campbell

    I published a single-file plugin that does the same thing, as a gist a few weeks back: https://gist.github.com/hughc/f69e46c3b624d9bb180595f5567fc654

    The basic premise is the same – query all posts, get post_content of each, and then use the parse_blocks() function to break that blob of commented html into its constituent blocks.

    I used it for a similar reason, I had gone a bit install-happy on several sets of custom blocks, including a few I’d written myself that I wanted to retire.

    Frustrating that there’s no means to do this out of the box with Gutenberg.


  4. Justin Tadlock

    This is definitely nice to have while we wait for the Blocks management screen to land in core. The initial prototypes for it showed an “instances” column, which could then be clicked to see which posts have a particular block. For me, this is an essential part of the equation, particularly when deciding whether to keep a specific block plugin around.


  5. David McCan

    Thanks for letting us know about this plugin. This is a problem I’ve faced and it is good to know that solutions exist.


  6. Eddy Sims

    Thank you for sharing! And Thank you for the feedback! I hope people are able to use this and find it helpful!


  7. Alexander S. Kunz

    It’s astonishing that Project Gutenberg did not anticipate the insane mess and bloat that blocks already are, and that proper management and culling of blocks isn’t built in.


  8. Kim Bertelsen

    Nice to know about this plugin. But can plugin authors please stop making top level admin menu items for your plugin. A plugin like this belongs as a sub menu item of the Tools menu.

    Btw plugin icon is great! Block meets map marker 🙂


  9. Abdullah Sılgan

    This is nice plugin. Thank you for sharing


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