1. David Bennett

    My default position for these things is that I don’t understand something about them. But from the Fast documentation for sellers [ https://help.fast.co/hc/en-us/articles/360057446093-What-if-I-don-t-use-BigCommerce-WooCommerce-as-my-e-Commerce-platform- ] it seems Fast is only available for BigCommerce and WooCommerce. I am guessing that originally it was BigCommerce’s answer to ‘Shop’ from Shopify.

    Pricing for standard sellers is 2.9% + 30c of every purchase, plus an additional 1% for international cards. Add that to Stripe costs and it starts to mount up. For that reason I can see Fast being subsumed into Stripe. Fast does say lower pricing for big sellers, but not what big sellers are.


    • Tessa Kriesel

      This is not on top of Stripes costs, this is in place of Stripe costs, so there would be no changes to your seller fees. ☺️


  2. Wilson

    I understand the one-click checkout button purchase option. Just want to ask about the payment option? if you received orders with one click and the customer wants this product to be COD or something else other than cards (debit/credit), how to handle it?


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