1. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Yes, I have also notice the problem. Jetpack Socialize always shows connection error and I cannot figure out why. Thanks for this update. I have now disable the publicize feature.


  2. CeeMarie

    Thankfully I have pages set up for my blogs. My profile is private and remains that way. Thank you for the update. Though I believe Facebook may not be the only platform, Am having difficulty posting directly to LinkedIn as well.


  3. Scott Kingsley Clark

    They also shut off the ability to get public event information from their site via the APIs. Not even if you’re logged in as the creator of the event!


  4. Victor Ikani

    No wonder! Most of my clients have been having the same issues posting to Facebook.

    Can you help us list some of the partners allowed to use this feature?

    Thanks for the update.


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