1. EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach

    Facebook is stealing many contents from another platform: instagram, YouTube, and Vines.
    Now, Facebook wants more money. So greedy, and dirty moves.
    They just let “freebooting” occurs to gain the traffic. Now, when people are in this circle, they want you to pay money to be in the News Feed.


  2. Rickard Göthlin

    Facebook’s always looking for ways to increase their income, so no news there. Publishers who want to use FB’s platform will have to pay for the traffic to a larger extent for every iteration of the platform i guess.


  3. Eugene Kopich

    This is what monopolists can do


  4. Pete

    Why would the article say that users would welcome seeing less content from pages they liked in their feeds.

    This is just wrong. If I like a page I want to see its content.


  5. Richard

    No surprises here. Facebook is ruthless when it comes to finding new ways to monetize. I guess the pressure to increase profits every year makes public companies focus on increasing profits more than anything else. Every decision they makes needs to be “for profit”


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