1. Anh Tran

    Congratulations to Munir and Dovy for the acquisitions! Editor Plus and Redux are great plugins. Hopefully, this will bring the plugins into a next level.


  2. Munir Kamal

    Hey Justin,

    Thank you for catching up with this update, you have always been a great supporter and I truly thank you for that.

    This has been a great journey so far and the future ahead for Editor Plus and Gutenberg Hub is in good hands. In fact, I am really enjoying working with the team at Extendify and can assure you that the end-user will continue enjoying the awesome features of Editor Plus and that we have great plans ahead.



  3. Mustaasam Saleem

    Wao! This is awesome. Anyone who wants to know more about Munir and the idea behind Editor Plus can give a read to his story below: ;)


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