1. Sy

    Thank you for the FSE theme. I think the featured block concept has great possibilities. Will the theme work with permalinks set to ‘postname’?


    • Justin Tadlock

      What WordPress theme you use is unrelated to your permalinks.


      • Seeing Similar Questions

        I see similar sorts of questions recently at a very fast rapid pace. People asking whether or not a “theme” supports x,y,z and they list some core functionalities that have nothing to do with the theme. I don’t know where this is coming from, maybe one of these proprietary solutions out there probably have unique functionalities based on theme and people now get confused when they come to the WordPress world. I really see much more questions of that type in various “social” media communities. Like “my WordPress is built on GeneratePress, can I upload .exe files here” etc or “how do I put the sidebar from the editor on the bottom, is GeneratePress able to do that”. People don’t even get what themes are. I am not sure if the reason for all this is the newcomers to the CMS or something else.


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