1. M

    Very detailed article, thank you Sarah.
    While I can understand the company’s push towards subscriptions, I’m not buying their 0.18% CTR figure for the same argument raised by PurpleFog.


  2. Marcus Tibesar

    As an ex-customer, I avoid Envato, Code Canyon and whatever else they call themselves like the plague…


  3. Alen

    Well, authors should leave the marketplace, and let Envato tackle with vast number of frustrated Elements subscription buyers not getting WP themes support.


  4. MG

    Envato really became a terrible platform for both authors and customers in the past few years.


  5. Dima

    Thank you for this article, Envato should definitely work more with the author’s community, the way they did in the past.


  6. Peter Shaw

    Their level of success, despite selling rubbish products and acting unethically, is depressing


  7. Tom

    Thank you Sarah for this detailed article.
    I’m myself a client of envato and i think that only ad agencies and big players will benefit from the subscription .


  8. Tyler Hill

    Feels like Envato is just hijacking the segmentation work and Google/Facebook clicks paid for by authors, there’s no way to argue this is ethical.

    It might be profitable now, but the industry is changing: talentless ROI junkies like Envato will be recognized for their greed and laziness, and the profits will slowly dry up as users realize these loud and shiny fools are selling astroturf and plastic facade.


  9. Aleksandr Samokhin

    Finally someone has spoken the truth, we’ve been struggling in the recent years due to their ignorance. What I suggest to the new authors, don’t focus all efforts on Envato but build your portfolio and brand instead and sell somewhere else.


  10. Andy

    Still an envato customer but looking for other Solutions.
    It’s a pitty that some resellers stay on this platform.
    Comments that do not fit in the envato buy policy are removed etc…
    It’s all about the money.


  11. Mike Gladfield

    “Ta’eed responded, characterizing the banners as a cross-promotion of traffic between Market and Elements.”

    I havent seen any market banners on elements driving traffic to the marketplace, it’s a one way street.


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