1. Abdullah

    I’ll surely try this out :)


  2. Li-An

    I like it very much. I may use is. Thanks for the discovery.


  3. Seth Goldstein

    It looks neat. I think I might spin up a test site to test this with a straight Gutenberg site.


  4. Ivan Fonin

    Hi, Justin

    Thanks for sharing you thoughts. I didn’t take it seriously when I was writing theme description, so don’t blame me. :) And by the way I already added option to show/hide post featured image as well as I fixed this issue with comments. Hope this theme will be live soon. I agree that patterns and block styles would make this theme much better, will work to add those with future updates.


  5. Andrew

    First thing that came to mind was the old tagline for a certain Danish lager.

    It was/is okay(ish).


  6. A. J.

    Does pro option offer WooCommerce integration only, or it also supports further customisation as well?


    • Ivan Fonin

      Hi, A. J.!

      There was some problem with the theme name (slug eno was taken by another theme that was not approved few years ago). So I needed to rename it to Basho and upload it once again. Now it is live – https://wordpress.org/themes/basho/.

      And Pro version will be available soon (I just need to rename everything accordingly). It has not only WooCommerce support, but few other useful options: ajax posts and products loading and infinite loading, support for Google Fonts, masonry blog layout, more options to play with colors (will write blog post about all the options after renaming it). If you have ideas for another options that will be useful, then share your thoughs, I can add them as well.


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