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  1. WPezDeveloper

    “there is no way for users to discover these plugins without specifically searching for them.”

    I wish someone would explain why this is keeps getting swept under the rug.

    Ultimately, the goal of Gutenberg was to improve the UX of the content creation experience. Gutenberg is a product, but the reality is the related ecosystem is The Product. Upper-case T. Upper-case P. Not being able to find what they need it is simply another version of the classic editor not being able to do X or Y. Javascript doesn’t make user frustration any less or different.

    Oh sure, GB has a shiny coat of cool kids’ technology under the hood. But net frustrations haven’t been mitigated. Have they? It’s not exactly fair to expect the market to embrace a product where The Product isn’t clear net win, and seems to be wallowing in a prematurely declared victory.

    The concept of Gutenberg is fantastic. The execution is the inverse.


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