1. Rarst

    Access to headers, footers, and widgets is restricted to Elementor Pro users.

    Doesn’t this break repository rules?..

    No pay wall restricting any WordPress feature.



    • David Decker

      No, it doesn’t!
      You can use Hello completely without Elementor, it will just have no styling…

      Headers, Footers etc. are meant as Theme Builder *templates* – and these are available with Elementor Pro. But that is totally optional. It is in NO way required.


  2. Daniel James

    This nearly looks like the Nude theme that I created a while back, albeit a bit more sophisticated once you start customising it. 😉


    • William

      Trying to place some attention on your theme that has no relation whatsoever to Hello and/or Elementor?

      Your theme is built for headless use with REST API, Hello is built for use with Elementor, how is that a lookalike?


  3. David Decker

    @Sarah Gooding
    Seems like you didn’t work with Elementor and Elementor Pro before?

    The access to Headers, Footers etc. is not restricted at all!
    The Theme has a header and footer like a regular theme.

    The Header, Footer etc. feature is Elementor’s Theme Builder – template based and completely optional. Hello theme is just fully compatible with it out of the box.
    This template builder is only available with Elementor Pro. But the theme can be fully used without it and even without Elementor itself.
    But once you have Elementor Pro active, you have access to pre-built Header and Footer templates for this Theme Builder.

    This should be updated in the post – since as of now this appears totally confusing.


    • Sarah Gooding

      It’s true, I’m not very experienced with Elementor. I tried to add a menu, etc in the customizer and was unable to add it. The announcement post said a few things that confused me: “Once you finish the activation, it’s time to start customizing your theme. Then it’s just a matter of setting your header, footer and content, using the lovely Theme Builder.” The theme builder is a Pro feature so it seemed header and footer editing would not be available. Also the post said, “Unlike regular WordPress themes that come with a generic header and footer design that runs across pages, with Hello you can designate a specific header & footer design per landing page, category or other condition.” I was unable to find where to create a header template or edit an existing one. Perhaps I misinterpreted the release post but it seemed the instructions were for using the Theme Builder to set the header.


  4. Brin Wilson

    Is there a live demo of this theme (not just a “preview” on .org, but an actual dedicated demo site using the theme)? To see what can be achieved. I didn’t see one: would be great to include this in the post (if there is one), as without one it’s just really hard to get a feel for its potential.


  5. David McCan

    @Sarah, I think your confusion shows that the message around the theme is not clear and could be confusing for some users. It says it is made to work with Elementor, but should say it is made to work with Elementor Pro.

    I tried the Hello theme out on a test site. You are correct that there is no access to the footer. There is a PHP template file for the footer but it is empty and there are no footer options in the Customizer.

    In terms of the header, the Customizer has the WordPress site identity menu item where you can change the site name and add a logo. Also, I was able to add a menu. The PHP template file for the header includes these, but they show totally unstyled stacked down the page, not horizontally as one might expect.

    I guess there are no widget areas defined in the theme, so the customary widget management interfaces in the Customizer and under Admin / Appearance don’t exist.

    I installed Elementor Free as prompted. That did not change anything. I’m not sure why anyone would use this theme unless they were using Elementor Pro. If you are using Elementor Pro and want to totally style the theme, header and footer using Elementor Pro then it might be a good choice.

    It is a free theme, so you cannot complain :) If the marketing clarified that it is intended as a blank slate for use with Elementor Pro then I don’t see any issues.


    • Anh Tran

      Looks like Hello is locked to Elementor Pro. I hope they can improve it to make it work with the free version, since the number of free users is huge.


  6. Sujay Pawar

    I’m from the Astra theme and a bit disappointed with this quote:

    Some users who switched from the Astra theme, another one commonly used by Elementor users, have reported significant (50%) decreases in loading time on real world sites after switching to the Hello theme.

    I think it is not OK to mention this in the article based on a random comment by a random person. Speed testing tools like GTMetrix show different results based on various other factors.


  7. Pixel Air

    I came across Elementor on one of my client’s websites. Initially I was sceptical thinking “oh, no, just another web builder” – but actually I discovered it wasn’t half bad. It’s actually part of my toolkit for quick sites that don’t need that level of bespoke attention. The Hello theme looks pretty decent, It’s got that very minimal current feel about it. Can’t get better than Free!


  8. Jonah Brown

    Didn’t they acquire Layers. Why not build on that since it was modified to also be compatible with Elementor. The “Hello” theme come across as a framework almost rather than a theme for WordPress.org.


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