1. Brin Wilson

    Damn that’s a real beauty! …just gotta think of a site to use it on!


  2. Justin Kopepasah

    Thanks (again) for the mention Sarah!

    The portfolio feature is supposed to release with Jetpack 3.1 and this theme is not on WordPress.com (yet). I’ve been in communication with them and it is harder to get a free theme on WordPress.com than I imagined (seemed like they we nearly ready to publish until I said I wanted to release it as open source). I understand the reason for the hold up, but was surprised by the change of attitude when I mentioned it would be free.

    I do have many plans for Eighties, including adding more customization features (like custom header image on a singular posts/pages). In addition, I am working on add-ons for bbPress, Gravity Forms, Exchange Membership and a couple other plugins I use/like. These will be available as plugins on the WordPress.org repo.

    I really look forward working on and improving Eighties for many moons to come. Stay tuned!


    • Ian Stewart

      seemed like they we nearly ready to publish until I said I wanted to release it as open source

      Not quite. :)

      I think there was some confusion about the submission of your theme as it was submitted to us via our channel for premium theme shops. Where it would have wound up in the queue with other premium themes.

      We don’t currently have a submission channel for free themes on WordPress.com. Sometimes people send us themes (like you did!) but usually we just pick the ones we think are the best of the best, comb through them closely to solve any outstanding design, UX, or code issues, and launch them when we’ve updated them. It’s a little different than how the WordPress.org theme directory works.

      That said, this theme is pretty awesome and it’s on our list to launch on WordPress.com. :) Barring any weird issues with it WordPress.com users can expect to see it available there.


  3. Steve

    Hey Justin

    Great theme. I took it for a test drive on http://steveburge.com

    It looks great all over the site.

    The only thing I might work on is the comments area. At the moment Eighties doesn’t given any shape to the (Disqus) comments on pages like these: http://steveburge.com/blog/open-source/open-source-won-battle-losing-war/


  4. Tomas M.

    After looking at the theme, I see a problem – if post doesn’t have a title, there is no way to access single view from the archive listing… I faced similar issue when wanted to make my own theme very clean looking, but had to add meta to the default install, to satisfy this requirement.


  5. JDab

    I like the look of the theme and would love to keep it but is it possible to maybe include options to have a sidebar viewable at all times without clicking on the floating element. Also would like an option to show the full posts on the front page.


  6. macasasDave

    Hi, I like the theme but I have 2 problems

    First, the header image doesn’t always display, or displays half the image especially if the page is reloaded and I’m scrolling back up the page.

    Second, when I click either of the menu buttons and open the widget, the x close buttons don’t always work. I checked Steve’s site above and his don’t work either.

    Anything I can do to make these things happen?

    Thanks in advance.


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