1. Paul Walker

    I recently joined VIP as head of both Product and Engineering. The strategy for these plugins, including the ongoing support and maintenance, falls under my area of responsibility. As Nick Gernert mentioned, we have been working on a lot of great things related to our Enterprise WordPress Platform however with that focus, the Edit Flow plugin has not been receiving appropriate attention. I appreciate the challenges that this has created for users and we are working to rectify it. We expect to have a new release of Edit Flow out by the end of October and then updates on a regular quarterly cadence.


  2. Kingsley Felix

    we use this plugin on 4 sites its a shame things turned out this way… or they should merge it with JETPACK


  3. Linda Oyedepo

    Wow, thanks for this information. I currently use PublishPress and it works great but I suggest the creators should add the multiple workflow and auto submit features.


    • Steve

      Thanks Linda. I’m on the PublishPress team. Could you contact us via our website and give us more details on your feature request? What would you like to see with “multiple workflow” and “auto submit”?


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