1. Tomas M.

    It’s like when husband takes his wife for granted, she puts the best dress and goes out with him to a bar, where she gets enough attention from other guys, so her husband would start looking at her differently…


    Otherwise very interesting development. Let’s hope that Drupal will encourage WP to look at data storage issue and teach WP leadership how to roll out the plugin without alienating and dividing whole community.


  2. wzy

    “Some developers are skeptical about storing too much data unstructured like Gutenberg does,”

    We were (are) skeptical about the same issue but we got it anyway… SIGH!


  3. Neil Murray

    At the end of the video they say “they envision a growing library online of CMS agnostic front end blocks”. They also said they envisage Drupal developers creating custom block libraries as NPM packages.

    Both of these statements surprised me & showed some potentially massive innovations in WordPress development that I hadn’t expected.

    Together these highlighted to me the likelihood of there being many other unexpected innovations coming from the move from PHP based to React based JavaScript WP development via Gutenberg.


  4. Craig Hanna

    Interesting. We’ve been working on solving the Drupal editing experience “issue” for some time (and a number of other challenges that agencies face). http://www.cohesiondx.com is a module/web service that already delivers a powerful editing experience plus the ability to create components, styles, templates, layouts etc through a visual interface (I.e Low-code so can be easily adopted). Its a different approach and a commercial product but you can see what can be achieved in Drupal.


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