1. Jeffrey

    The link to possible candidates for features in 4.2 requires login to view. Is there a public accessible place to view the possible new features?


  2. Sol Huebner

    I hope they put more emphasis on the front end editor.


  3. ggb

    you have to work more in security WP issues and to make it lighter for the website download. Thats URGENT. other things are accessory.


    • George DeLair

      WordPress is as secure as you make it. Follow security best practices and stay informed and updated on plugin issues and you should be fine. A good backup solution goes a long way as well in making sure you stay safe and secure. Nothing is 100% impenetrable but a good backup plan will always have you covered in the event of a breach/attack.


      • KTS915

        @George DeLair,

        “WordPress is as secure as you make it.”

        That’s not true. It’s as secure as you make it within the parameters set by WordPress itself.

        I am pretty sure that @ggb’s point is that the developers should be focusing on those parameters. I agree.

        The recent focus on shiny stuff has got us, among other things, Distraction-Free Writing that isn’t distraction free, a nauseating list of plugins every time the user goes to the Add Plugins page, and a new list of things to be removed from the Customizer: all things should have been handled by plugins, at least until there was a broad consensus as to what merited inclusion in core.

        The WordPress community likes to say that WordPress is now not just a blogging platform but a CMS platform too. It would be nice to see development focusing on stuff that reinforced that claim.


        • George DeLair

          The majority of security issues have come from plugin/theme based exploits. The WordPress core, if setup correctly is fairly secure. Having said that, I do agree that work should be focused on more core improvements and less “shiny stuff”. The problem is in the inherent fact that in large open sourced based projects you can not please everyone with every release. You do make a valid point.


  4. Jason

    “the general focus to be on polishing up some of our existing UIs”



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