1. Greg

    Sounds interesting especially Redis and PerconaDB. What about performance and server resources? We, engineers, are used to having control of CPU cores, memory, disks and other technical stuff allocated for clients.


    • Bowe Frankema

      Hi Greg,

      Sorry for the late reply, my WPTavern notifications went into my spam inbox :-(. Out of the box every container has it’s own allocated resources, set by you (the partner) based on what works best for your specific WordPress solution.

      Because every container only does one thing (running WordPress, and nothing else) you’ll see that in the large majority of cases a container will be extremely efficient and can handle lots of traffic whilst only using a small amount of dedicated RAM and CPU cycles. For you this means you’re able to deploy more sites on your Dollie Node without having to scale up.

      You can also change the specific allocations per container. For example you could increase the allocated CPU cycles for a high traffic site straight through your Dollie Container Manager control panel.

      You can read a bit more about these features here: https://getdollie.com/enterprise


  2. Bowe Frankema

    Thank you for the coverage Justin, we’ve been blown away with the responses so far. If anyone has any questions about Dollie, just let me know and we’re happy to answer them :-)


    • Clayton C Collie

      So is this like laravel forge or Cleaver?


      • Bowe Frankema

        Hi Clayton,

        Sorry to keep you waiting, notifications never arrived in my inbox! I think you can absolutely compare some of the features in Dollie to Laravel Forge from a development perspective. The rapid deployment of sites, the dashboard tools and the ability to deploy to any infrastructure.

        That being said we also focus on making all of these things easy for people simply interested in selling pre-made WordPress sites. For example with their own products pre-installed (if you’re selling WP solutions) or for agencies to quickly launch client sites. So depending on your skill level you can go completely custom with our WordPress Automation Platform or use our turnkey solution to quickly start selling and let us take care of the hard stuff.

        Hope this answers your question!


  3. Clayton C Collie

    Is this comparable to Laravel Forge? Or Cleaver?


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