1. David McCan

    Yes, you can save your admin color scheme choice with your user profile, but not editor preferences.


  2. Matthias Baier

    I usually use the plugin Persistent blockeditor settings as this popup was driving my customers mad.


    • Caro Sneider

      Our clients often use private/icognito mode in browsers as per their company policy. This deletes all cookies and local storage on a regular basis. After they always got a welcome popup when writing a new article, we have switched them back to Classic Editor after lots of complaints.

      My personal opinion: All kind of settings should be stored on server.


  3. Clif Graves

    Rock on! Simply eliminating the wasted white space on the screen is a great step forward. Thanks for that.
    Since there is no real attempt at WYSISWYG, Now if there was a plugin to provide a simple line to outline each block so you actually knew which block you were clicking into without the hunt and peck.


  4. Keith Rainz

    I didn’t know this was possible, thanks for sharing.


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