1. Eugenia

    I find this to be a very useful plugin and hope it finds a worthy home. Trading it for a charitable contribution is a nice gesture.


  2. Tony Zeoli

    That’s really awesome that he is selfless and giving back. Kudos!


  3. Ionut Calara

    First time I hear about something like this. Great idea, and great gesture!


  4. Ross Wintle

    The charitable bit is great. Good work. But it shouldn’t be just to the highest bidder. There needs to be some vetting of the buyer to make sure they don’t turn it into malware or something. It needs to be sold to someone that will continue to look after the plugin.


    • Samir Shah

      Hi Ross,

      You make a good point here. Soon after announcing the auction I realised the same thing and added a disclaimer to the auction notice on my website to say that I reserve the right to select the winner based on criteria other than just the value of their bid.


      • Rene Hermenau

        Wow, awesome gesture Samir ❤
        I am really considering to jump into it and to make you an offer.
        Even if someone overbids me, it would be for good as it will increase the total selling price in the end😊

        The Effective Altruism Funds covers certain Organizations like Health, Animal Welfare etc. Do you prefer a certain organization or would we be free to decide where the donation goes to within the Effective Altruism Funds?



    • Ryan

      That was my first thought too. Other plugins have been acquired over the years and turned into spyware/malware or used to create backdoors into wordpress installs. I believe some of the security vendors have some articles on this.

      I can see some of the larger plugin companies purchasing this to use it to cross market their other plugins to the install base. At least one of the plugins I use has been acquired for this purpose.

      Either way, it’s time to start looking for an alternate solution as a worst-case scenario.


  5. Shira G

    This is a wonderful idea! Hopefully, someone will pay even more money for the plugin knowing that all funds will go to charity. I hope more people will follow his example! 🙏🏻


  6. Anh Tran

    The idea of giving it to charity is so great! And so is the plugin.

    Hope it will be in a good hand.


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