1. Jeffr0

    Darn, no Denniscooper.blog :) glad Google gave him his data back and his archive, he’s pretty damn lucky.


  2. Mark

    Jesus. All this because some kid thought he was hosting CP on his website? Since he got his data back, why didn’t he make an argument to Google that it wasn’t CP? Wouldn’t Google have unsuspended him if it were in fact a false report?


  3. Miroslav Glavic

    If he did in fact have child pornography, even one photo, Google would have to delete that file off their servers.
    If it was CP and Google sent him the file, wouldn’t Google be transmitting/distributing CP?

    I have never seen the photo or Dennis Cooper blog. In fact, I didn’t even know Dennis Cooper existed until that first article on WPTavern.

    However, it can be said that if DC did in fact uploaded CP, wouldn’t the FBI (if DC is in the US), RCMP (if DC is in Canada), and so forth, go to him and arrest him?

    See? Both sides.


  4. Dail

    lucky he got his data back sometimes they don’t even reply to small bloggers…


  5. Miroslav Glavic

    10 years worth of blogging, how frequent did he blog? If he blogged mostly daily for the past 10 years, that’s A LOT of data to download and then upload to his new site.


  6. Ron

    His blog is just disgusting.

    “…International male slaves for the month of August”

    That’s as far as I could get….

    No wonder Google nuked it.


    • Steven Gliebe

      Not sure what exactly his blog is about but I certainly regret opening it. There must be better examples of why bloggers should self-host WordPress.

      PS. People still use Blogger? :P


  7. Brook D

    This is why you should really host your own website, its pretty easy too.


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