1. Iqbal
    · Reply

    More than one default theme created each year will be amazing! And I hope each theme will also be available on WordPress.com environment.


  2. Miroslav Glavić
    · Reply

    I think…two things:

    1) I think we should move away from 2020something name of themes. Have a poll or something like that. People submit name suggestions then vote for their favourite. Obviously filter out bad suggestions (racist, hateful, suggestions that are too closed to trademarks/copyrights, stupid ones – like blablabla sucks theme). The person that suggested the winning name gets an all expenses paid trip to WordCamp US/Europe/Asia or to one in their country (expenses paid, like if someone in Let’s say Lisbon wins, but WordCamp Europe is being held in Warsaw Poland then all expenses to get there plug WCEU ticket, but if the winner is in Warsaw Poland then just the WCEU ticket.)

    2) Maybe some theme authors could submit their themes to be the next default theme. With voting (just like above).

    Price for either above could be, instead of trip to nearest WordCamp…free hosting for a year.


  3. Jordan
    · Reply

    I read it as the very nature of themes changing the need for a new “default” theme every year as it be won’t necessary. if anything a new collections of patterns and styles being introduced more frequently. I think the default theme as we know will will go away. This makes sense because if you look at the 2021 them vs 2020 theme its the same thing as its based on the same code and the 2020 theme and that is based off of the Chalpin theme. So really that shows you its already happening. But since block patterns and styles basically eliminate the traditional “theme” all together. A cadence of once a year won’t be as useful as new patterns being compatible with let’s say “universal” themes. since we’ll also have a pattern directory.


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