1. Franci Hoffman

    Having the ability to view screens in dark mode is a godsend, especially for those of us with eyesight issues. I installed a dark mode app, which functions on all of my browsers. It’s a very simple application that can be turned off and on easily.


  2. Anh Tran

    I think WP plugin. team should warn plugin authors and users when a plugin changes its purpose. I have no idea how it can be done yet. But it’s very frustrating when seeing that. It’s clearly a marketing tactic to bring existing users onboard and gain the number of installs. They can always create a new plugin, but the marketing effort will be higher.


  3. Rich Tabor

    I’m curious. Is there any official rule on plugins that do this on .org?


  4. Kay

    It’s not just confusion on name (and function) level. As soon as the name change happened, I started receiving regular newsletters for WP Markdown Editor by WPPool. Did they harvest email from users? (Can they even do that? Technically and ethically). I am pretty certain I had never subscribed to their newsletter (or to Dark Mode back then, If that had such option at all).


  5. Daniel James

    I’m the original author of the Dark Mode plugin. After the Core Team decided that they weren’t interested in pursuing it because of Gutenberg development. So for that reason I decided what was the point?

    I asked if anyone wanted to take over and I passed it onto someone who passed it onto someone who passed it… you get the point.

    It then has reached the new authors that have decided to try and benefit off the current install base to push their own product.

    More needs to be done to ensure this doesn’t happen but frankly everyone is at fault. I should have just abandoned it, failing that the plug-in team should have given it to someone who was interested in it and a system should be in place to detect ownership changes that alerts users of this nonesense.


  6. West Bay Web

    Add WP User Avatar to the list of plugins that have changed name, scope, and purpose to the list.



  7. Kevin David

    There is a lot of confusion about it. And it is too much bed for the user who is using it.
    If you love the dark mode plugin so much then you can also check the newly released dark mode plugin name “Droit Dark Mode”. I am pretty much sure you gonna love it.


  8. Marry Wilcox

    At first, I also use the Dark mode plugin by Wp Pool, but it breaks my design and never gets results as expected. Then I find “Darklup lite” and install it. I am so satisfied. Here is the link


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