1. Nick

    I played with the plugin a little bit. It is a good start, and in the provided roadmap it states that in the future there will be ACF support which is huge.

    What is not clear though if ACF will be just to on the front end, or also the ACF fields could be used to Query the posts.

    Ideally I would love to see the following as I’m forced these things to code them manually:

    Custom Taxonomy Support – especially for queries.
    ACF fields support for queries and front end.
    Front end Query Forms to filter the posts in real time by the site visitors.

    Right now as far as Queries go, we can only filter by Custom Post Types, and set their post order displays, which again, it is a good start, but falls way short for some of us who need parametric (advanced) queries.

    Nice post, and thanks for giving us a heads up for this plugin, I will be watching how it develops and matures in the future.


  2. Ross M

    Hey Nick, custom taxonomy support for queries is coming this week (and responsive columns).

    Custom field / ACF support is coming for the frontend templates, but for query options, this should be on the roadmap although is not immediately so.

    And for filters, if you read the post linked in the article you might see what the future holds :)


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