1. Edward Caissie

    Neat little trick although personally I still prefer my “BNS Login” plugin.

    Install and activate. Now whenever you are on your site you can simply press – to scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will find a link to the Dashboard (or to log in as the case may be).


  2. Edward Caissie

    er, that hyphen should read <Ctrl>-<End> … feel free to moderate accordingly. Thanks.


  3. Kaspars

    That post actually got me thinking of ways to do it without having to edit the .haccess file (for those who use Nginx web server, for example) and I came up with this simple solution that uses built-in WordPress rewrites filter.


  4. Syed Balkhi

    @Kaspars – That is a very neat filter Kaspar.


  5. Andrew Nacin

    This is already in WordPress 3.4. /login, /dashboard, and /admin will take you where you want to go, even if WordPress itself is installed in a subdirectory (such as wptavern.com and wptavern.com/wordpress/).


  6. Edward Caissie

    @Andrew Nacin – Great! … WP_Rewrite was giving me no end of frustration trying to sort out how to add it to a plugin (*grin*)


  7. Andrew Nacin

    @Edward Caissie – Ah, yeah. It is implemented as part of the canonical API. Rewrite isn’t a good place for it, as we don’t want it to stop on existing posts or pages. Here’s the ticket.


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