1. John Tranter

    Yes, but the italic font for the date is just slanted Roman type, not true italic. Puh-leeze!


  2. Maciej

    Sweet! This is exactly what I needed for my new client, writer who wanted clean and minimal page design, without any distractions.


  3. Jeff Chandler

    Not a bad looking theme but changing the Typeface would be the first thing on my list of things to do.


  4. Zee German

    Hi Sarah,
    nice article. I just installed this theme, but I’m not able to choose a picture as shown ín the demo. Any ideas?

    Nice greetings from Germany,
    Zee German


    • Eldon - ImagineWP

      Hi Zee…

      I recently did a video overview of the Crawford theme. If you want to check it out I’ll put a link at the bottom of this comment. I too was disappointed by the fact that the featured image for each post wasn’t showing up in the regular “blog loop” on the home page. So I created a child theme that would allow that to happen. You can download that at the following link as well (its free).

      Good luck!

      Here is the link – http://imaginewp.com/2014/crawford/


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