1. Michael
    · Reply

    This is great. Take something that was working before and remove it (albeit with good reason) without any fallback – but then add the new version that does work into JetPack to get people to install that bloatware…

    If it’s possible in JetPack, why isn’t it possible in WordPress core any longer?


  2. Franco Heldt
    · Reply

    Please add GDPR notice and acceptance button vor visitors before including any external embeds and/or scripts. Otherwise this feature is pretty useless for euopean countires.


    • Jeremy
      · Reply

      Those embeds are still part of WordPress itself today, alongside many other embed providers. You can find the full list here.

      If you would like to use one of those embed options on your own site (whether they’re provided by WordPress itself or by a plugin like Jetpack), but you would prefer for your site visitors to have to give their consent before the embed content is loaded, you will need to use a plugin.

      While I do not have personal experience with it, I’ve read good reviews about this plugin to manage such restrictions on your site.


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