This is a really cool feature. Instead of bookmarking every useful site that later on lost in bookmark tab. This would be helpful.


  2. Marcus Downing

    I’m one of the people who mourned Google Reader. I switched to Tiny Tiny RSS (https://tt-rss.org/) and still use it seven years later – in fact I clicked onto this article from it.

    Big operators like Google and Facebook want you to trust their recommendations algorithms, reading what they want you to read. As seen with the recent spat between Google and Australian news sites, this is a fragile system that can’t really be trusted. Curating your own list of sites to follow, by RSS or any other mechanism, is a way of pushing back against this trend.


    • Zabatonni

      +1 here. I’m not using this particular reader, I’m using Inoreader. It’s even easier when you don’t have to host your own setup.

      More to the point, only own list with no sorting algorithms can be trusted not to miss anything important. Google will for sure mix it with ads and articles they think you might like to distract you from important information you have chosen to digest.

      Or do you think they will give us options like import/export opml like true rss readers?


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