1. Joseph

    I personally like this idea and am excited for what this will bring to WordPress. Instead of having to add a plugin with blocks that might never be used, you will now be able to add single blocks keeping your site lightweight and free from unnecessary bloat. And it just so happens the release date is on my birthday, so happy birthday 🥳 to me.


  2. Anh Tran

    The idea is great. Hopefully to see well coded blocks in the repo.


  3. J

    Plugins larger than 2MB aren’t allowed. My block plugins are over those. Such limitations are causing more roadblocks (no pun intended).

    If we want to get blocks popular, we should be cutting corners.

    I am so optimistic about gutenberg block’s future. A thriving ecosystem of developers making blocks would make a huge difference. However we don’t seem to have much traction.

    From personal experience, I created a block only plugin and it’s adoption compared to my other offering has been muted. I have put gutenberg development on low priority as of now and will take it up once there is some critical mass.

    Fingers crossed.


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