1. Devin Walker

    Great approach to metaboxes. I hope to see more usage of this to prevent metabox madness and further declutter the post edit screen.


  2. sky

    Awesome, I’ll have to check this out. I’ve used WP-Alchemy for years, but it’s kinda long in the tooth.


  3. Riwaj Ghimire

    Wow ! The next level of WordPress Meta box. Just like woo-commerce and it will be great achievement for developers making themes with lots of meta box.


  4. Kashif

    Using CMB2 since long but this seems very handy in a tiny size.


  5. Elliott Richmond

    Great improvement for postmeta in the backend! Looking forward to seeing more documentation in github on this.


  6. Justin Tadlock

    Thanks for covering this, Sarah.

    I would’ve released sooner, but I put the project on the backburner for most of the 3 months of beta testing to work work on my most recent theme release. It’s actually one of the methods I use to allow my brain to recharge and come back to a project with a fresh perspective. Get 90% or so done. Work on something else for a while. Then, come back and finish.

    There are public JavaScript functions for interacting with ButterBean. This is the part built on top of Backbone.js. This is also a huge milestone for me in development. I’ve never built something in JavaScript meant to be extended. It’s also really nice because with 50 lines or so of code, I can do something like a media modal without having to use jQuery to manipulate the DOM.

    Anyway, I hope folks like it. I’m working on getting started tutorial right now and will get it published shortly.


    • Dave

      This looks very cool. Good work. I can see this being highly useful to many of us.

      PS. On the homepage, “This often a better option than many meta boxes.” I think you left out “is”.


    • Arūnas

      This looks really promising, Justin. The only problem I see with it is that if it gets popular, we’ll get a lot of clashes between plugins, especially once you iterate through a couple more versions of it. Plugin A would have version 1.0.0, plugin B would have version 1.2.15 etc. Do you have any advice (or a plan) how to deal with that?


  7. Ryan Hellyer

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Pretty much everything that Justin makes is of amazing quality. He has mad skillz with producing top quality WordPress plugins IMHO. I have no doubt that this will be an extremely useful addition to the WordPress community.


  8. sky

    I have integrated ButterBean into my latest project. Awesome! Very similar to the customizer api, and easy to use. Thanks J!


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