1. Rafael Ehlers

    Awesome idea! This together with Theme Test Drive from Vladimir, are a must have for all support people.


  2. cbunting99

    It is a good idea, but I can name probably 20 plugins off the top of my head from the wordpress directory that will break your website, or as WordPress.com puts it, the “The White Screen of Death” for you homepage and wordpress admin.. So despite the what the plugin does, you would still resort to using ftp to remove the broken plugin(s).


    • raisononline

      This is not meant for fixing a ‘bricked’ site. As you say, that will need you to view the files and remove the offending code. It’s for working out which plugins conflict with each other. As Sarah says as well, it’s the first question asked by Support when you submit a query. They will need to remove as many variables as possible to determine what causes the problem. You can deactivate the plugins in the built-in manager, but this makes it less painful.


  3. raisononline

    Thanks for the write up Sarah.


  4. Sallie Goetsch (@salliegoetsch)

    Um…what’s wrong with going to the plugin management screen, checking all the boxes next to the plugins you want to deactivate, and then selecting “Deactivate” from “Bulk actions”? It’s worked for me for years.


    • Raison

      The plugin does more than default bulk tool. It saves a list of the plugins that have been deactivated and then let’s you re-activate those plugins in one go or one by one.


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