1. Neha

    I use gutenberg forms for my blog. I liked it. Creating forms is so much easier with this. Thanks for sharing this article.


  2. Munir Kamal

    Hi Justin,

    First of all, thank you so much for giving this plugin a try and covering it at Wp Tavern.

    Btw, this is an opensource project so if anyone is willing to contribute that would be much appreciated. 😇

    You put it very fairly that this is a new plugin and requires feedback to improve step-by-step. I have been gathering feedback lately from a very short number of users via the GitHub and WP plugin support forum and have been refining the plugin accordingly. Now as you cover it at the mighty Wp Tavern, I expect to get more feedback to proceed in the right direction to shape this plugin further.

    Addressing your highlighted problems/issues:

    Forms CPT is limited to only form fields?
    Well, this might be a little confusion I understand. I am using a template lock on this CPT to make sure it remains a form block mainly. But, you can insert other Gutenberg blocks inside the form blocks here as well.
    Shortcode Approach.
    I mainly added a shortcode approach to extend the form usage outside the Gutenberg editor. So users can actually create forms using Gutenberg editor via the Forms screen and then use it anywhere using the shortcode. This is why I mainly added the shortcode functionality. And, for the time being I’ve utilized the same approach to insert saved forms in Gutenberg as well. But, you are right in saying this should not be this way for Gutenberg and I am going to improve it for sure.
    Broken Form Templates
    Yeah, I am aware of this as well. Basically most templates were created with an earlier version of the plugin and thus I need to update those using the latest version. This is a quick fix and I will do it asap. And yes I plan to keep adding more ready to use form templates.

    Overall you are correct about the quirks and nitpicks that are currently there, and I am definitely going to improve it in the next updates.

    Features Highlights of Gutenberg Form:

    I would like to highlight the features here for your readers and those who wish to try the plugin. I know the documentation is missing and I am working on it. But here are a few things you need to try.

    Multi-Step Forms:
    This is super easier to create a multi-step / multi-page form using Gutenberg Forms plugin. You are flexible to create any number of steps and also with the next/previous and submit button placement.
    Conditional Logic:
    This a nifty feature to show/hide fields based on the value of another field. You can also apply it on the Form Group block and this way you can toggle a group of fields easily.
    Email Editor:
    You can define your desired fields to send out to the email notification. Further, you can also provide “To”, “From”, “CC”, “BCC”. Or you can completely disable the email notification via the “Form Actions” settings for any specific form you are working on.
    Field Transform
    As all the form fields are actually Gutenberg Blocks, I have implemented Blocks Transform API in use here to transform field types to another with a click. So you can transform the checkboxes to the radio, select and retain the options. Similarly, you can transform other field types.
    I have already released first add-on/integration that os for MailPoet. More to follow along. You can get this add-on from here.
    Flexibility for Devs & Theme Authors

    Although I haven’t put in efforts to create hooks and filters in this plugin yet to make it much extendible,, as this is based on Gutenberg Blocks developers can already extend it by modifying blocks the way you can filter any Gutenberg blocks. But I plan to make it more extendible in the near future. Theme authors can already recommend this and include/register their custom styles for the form using the Block Styles API. And thus they may have a branded form for their theme users.

    Having said that, as you mentioned, there are still rough edges and a lot more to be added. I am requesting feedback from the readers of WP Tavern. Kindly try this out and provide your feedback to improve this plugin. 🙏



  3. Gary Taylor

    You sum up the problem for most people in your opening paragraph. I want a simple “get in touch” form, but I want to filter out spam with Akismet or similar. I went with Ninja Forms, which is overkill and adds an extra panel on the right-hand setting screen on every post (hate that). So I’ll be giving this a run-out on my test site… I’ve tried pretty much all the others!


  4. Kim

    All I can say is: well done Munir! You’ve been quite fast at improving it. Continue making your dent!


  5. Titus

    Hi Munir,
    Thanks for this. I currently use the previous form code for widgets which I had to create using the classic editor, as the jetpack form does not function with current block code on widgets.
    Will the form function with block code function on site wide widgets?


  6. Jacob Jack

    Sounds like its worth a try! I’ll be sure to check it out!


  7. Munir Kamal

    Just a little update.

    Based on Justin’s feedback. I have already worked out on a server-side block to insert forms in Gutenberg post/page that are created via the custom “Forms” screen.

    So now it won’t be a shortcode approach anymore for Gutenberg users. You can still use the shortcode to place the form anywhere outside Gutenberg.

    This will be available in the next update soon. Following up on other feedback as well. 😇


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