1. Vaibhav kakkar

    Hey, Very nice article. It will be a help while creating a site through wordpress.


  2. Andrew

    Hi Justin, and thank you for taking the time to try out the theme. The feedback is really appreciated.

    The No Bottom Margin style for the columns block is there because Gutenberg styles the columns with a 1.75em bottom margin, so thought it might be helpful to remove it with a block style. This way it is optional as any site that already has columns with content immediately below does not find the content pushed right up against the end of the columns.

    “The theme includes a Narrow Width style for the Group block that corrects this. However, it would ideally be the reverse, with the content defaulting to a narrower width.”

    All the templates and template parts are wrapped with a full-width group block, and a nested wide group block. With this you can go into the Site Editor, select the single post template, and change the inner wide group block to the Narrow Width style if you want single posts to display in the narrower width by default.

    I believe the template parts will be grouped into areas such as header, footer, and general/uncategorized in a future Gutenberg release.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Very neat idea about changing the Group block on the site level instead of the post content level. Honestly, that didn’t even cross my mind. That makes a ton of sense and offers more flexibility now that you mentioned it. You are definitely looking at things from a different perspective, which is something we all need to start doing.

      I’m still not a fan of the No Bottom Margin feature as a block style. But, the tools just are not quite there in the editor for us to handle that much better. I’d really like to see some margin controls for core blocks, especially for things like columns.


  3. Logan

    I like the idea of block-based themes and full-site editing via customizer. Other great new theme-experiment like Hansen?


  4. Bud Kraus

    Having a good look at Hansen. I created a template and a template part but beats me where they can be added in a page. Patterns in the inserter seemed logical but no. How are they to be used?


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