1. Dave Smith

    It is great to see BuddyPress embracing blocks.

    Congratulations and props to Viet and the team for the work on the new Activity section.

    Glad to see my tutorial and docs helped in a small way.


  2. Peter Shaw

    This is cool but how can this be the top priority?

    Surely a media component that allows rich activity posts (ie upload an image etc) is the most glaring hole to be filled.

    The current plugin solutions are bloated messes.


    • Mathieu Viet

      Hi Peter, thanks for your opinion about it.

      You’re absolutely right, one of the top priority for BuddyPress is to include a Media component. It’s scheduled for our next major release (7.0.0). But while working on it, I realized being able to use blocks into the Activity post form would greatly help this component to let users easily choose a media from their Media library or upload a new one while writing their activity.

      And I believe using blocks will help BuddyPress plugin developers to get more control about how to interact with activity publishing.


      • Titus

        Dear Mr Viet, Thank you to you and your team for the amazing plugin, really looking forward to front end media loading. Will be great if front end users can upload videos that go directly to the website’s videopress account. That would be a game changer as wordpress.com and jetpack accounts offer some amazing amount of space for videos that are uploaded to videopress. One of the basic jetpack accounts have 1TB and wordpress.com hosting has 200GB. It is more than enough space for a community site especially once the videos have been processed.


  3. Peter Shaw

    Okay makes perfect sense. That will really be the missing piece of the puzzle. And thanks to you and the team for the great work btw. I love buddypress, and I use your wp-status class in a few of my plugins


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