1. Paul onyedikachi Unigwe

    buddypress is really a great plugin


  2. Peter Shaw

    I second that, it is a great plugin and it is good to see the recent run of improvements.


  3. Titus

    Good programme, will be awesome if we can do away with plugins that emulate it or use Buddy Press as a core and have a child theme. The issue for me with Buddy Press on its own is aesthetics and the inability for users to post media into wordpress native media folders from the front end. All the extension plugins and standalone plugins that emulate buddy press or try and improve on it are a never ending bowl of bugs and trouble. They just never seem to work consistently. The extensions and standalone plugins I have used to achieve the front end media loading and better looking site is buddy boss, Peepso and youzer. I would rather just use buddy press on it’s own. I believe the current chance of community websites doing really well and expanding is hindered by the the three factors I mentioned.


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